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Women In Asia is a community based in Singapore

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Showcasing Asian Perspectives

We are a collaborative community that brings together catalysts, thinkers and thought leaders to bridge cultural and gender differences. Women In Asia wants to showcase and increase appreciation for a myriad of Asian narratives and build an open and inclusive community.


This started as a women-led initiative, but focus on how can we- women and men, can lead social impact. This is a space where we, as a community, can share thought provoking ideas and actionable plans to bring about sustainable change around us.


We want to build this audacious community, where it gives opportunities bold new conversations and creations happening in Asia.


We welcome any one who has a curiosity for Asian perspectives to learn or share. 



We want to be the go-to community for content, speakers and anything related to Asian perspectives

Bridge cultural and gender differences

Bring together thinkers and thought leaders to build an inclusive and open community



These 6 themes form the core of the conversations we curate. We connect with our community through events, workshops and community meet-ups that circles around these themes.

We believe when a community with different perspective and background come together and have an open conversation, it adds depth to the discussion and allow possibilities to surface. Hence, we hope to be able to hear perspectives from all sides, including men and women. Together, we can look beyond our own bias and blind spots, and collaborate together, exploring the issues from a uniquely Asian context.

We welcome individuals, community organisations and corporates who shares our vision and value. Do join us in our next event! Follow us on social media for the latest updates and happenings.

We curate themed content




Online Events

We bring together a community​ of diverse background to break stereotypes of open minds to new perspectives and ideas.

Come and experience heartfelt connections, authentic conversations and meaningful interactions.

Our ask: Come with an open mind, and be ready to be challenged and dare to challenge others you meet. 

Online Content & Featured Writers

We want to bring the conversations online and continue all discussions. 

Ningpei Chua

Purposeful Asia

Visual Storyteller

Founder of IAMinVISIBLE

& Lead partner of Hush TeaBar

Nazath Faheema

Purposeful Asia

GM of Inter-religious Organisation Singapore

Founder of #hashpeace

Jasmine Yam

The Asian Traveller

Unconventional traveller, humorist and social observer

THE co-founders


Being a part of this diverse community made my passion grow stronger for building communities which gave birth to Women in Asia.

Divya Parmar, Co-Founder

I am a global citizen at heart. I relocated to Singapore from India in 2011 with my husband and fell in love with this land of diverse cultures and great food. Living in Singapore, I felt a deeper connection not only with Asia but rest of the world as I got to interact with people from all across the globe. Graduating with a masters degree in HR, I have always been passionate about people and believe we can all support each other to make this world a better place to live. I love travelling and have visited over 30 countries finding interesting similarities between diverse cultures around Asia and beyond.


I also work full time as a L&D Programme Manager. In my free time you will find me cooking, meeting friends and listening to TED talks. I have also been a part of TEDx team and curated various events in Singapore. 

I believe in the strength of the community. I believe that to impact the world, it takes a village and a community.

Vivian Lim, Co-Founder

Building communities has always been my passion. I was part of the co-founding team at TEDxNTU, where we curated years of Ideas Worth Spreading. I feel there's this spark when diverse people come together, share conversations and engage with ideas. Curating TEDxNTU and TEDxSingapore drove my curiosity in new projects and ideas. I love ideas and real life stories that helps build a sustainable world, or empower those less fortunate. 


Singapore is my home and I grew up in this little red dot, a huge melting pot of cultures. To me, culture is a precious legacy that was gently handed down to our generation to shape our communities with unique beliefs and identities. It is now our generation’s responsibility to safeguard and pass it on to the next generation and beyond. These are values, education and spirit that defines us not only as Singaporeans, but as mankind. I cannot imagine a world without diversity and culture. Hence Woman in Asia started as an effort to amplify these messages.

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Collaboration forms the fabric of Women In Asia

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