About The Asian Traveller

Asia, one way of best way to understand the region’s diversity and myriad developments is travel.


We hope to showcase the vibrancy of cultures within Asia, through sharing of travel experiences from travellers, especially solo female travellers.


With the number of Asian travellers is on the rise,  we hope to inspire more off-beat and authentic travels, to gain a different perspective of Asia. 

Unconventional traveller, humorist and social observer

Featured Writer- Jasmine Yam

How many of us can say that we have been to places we never knew existed? By that, I mean places that are untraceable on Google Maps. She's been on a boat expedition to the Palawan Islands, Cuba on a solo trip, motorbike tour on Hai Van pass, and learnt surfing with locals in Siargao Islands. She can tell you all about secret adventures all over Asia, with her unique sense of animated humour. Interesting twist - she does not have any active social media accounts to post ‘instagrammable’ travel moments.

In this generation of ‘Do it for the gram’, all her travels are hidden from social media scrutiny. They become stories that you can only hear from her first-hand account. She comes back from every trip with heartfelt stories and we huddle around her with wide eyes and bated breath, like children listening to their favourite adventure novel.

Perhaps in this age where most things look ‘picture perfect’, deep down we still long for rawness and authenticity of experiences, like tactile pages of books that come to life when the author tells the tale. Jasmine inspires us with her insatiable hunger to explore the limits of her comfort zone through travel. She leads the next generation who wants to explore, pushing boundaries and comfort zones, beyond social media.

"I want to explore and find new ways to discover meaning in my work and life."

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