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Themed "What's Next?", it is a series of events and workshops centred around learning and open discussions.

In this series, we bring thought leaders together to discuss trends- from Asia's perspective. We want to spark conversations around trends of all topics — from science to business to global issues.

We believe that in order to build an inclusive and open community, we need to adopt a culture of constant learning and sharing ideas. 

It's Not Complicated2018


We took a closer look at blockchain technology as it overcomes its post-hype slump and matures into a platform for mass adoption. How does this impact Asia?


We put together a panel with some prominent blockchain experts in Asia to talk about application of blockchain, also hoping we can attract more females to walk alongside males and discover blockchain. 

Violet Lim, CEO & Co-founder

Lunch Actually


Swati Joshi, CEO


Yuree Hong, Founder

SHE Blockchainers Asia

Dr Sourav Sen Gupta, Researcher and Lecturer

Nanyang Technology University of Singapore

Jugnu Bhatia (Jay B), Crypto Blogger & Sr. Manager


What's Next, Asia?2018


In the first quarter of 2018, we looked into what are the next trends and possibilities for Asia from the eyes of an entrepreneur, HR leader and an expat- we  heard their personal stories, challenges and experiences. We also explored how women in Asia can lead together with men. Changing the future starts with us and we need to start a conversation now to create an Asia we want to be a part of.

Elim Chew
Entrepreneur & Founder

77th street, and Fastfast, an instant delivery service app

Gary Lee
Global Head of Leadership & Organizational Dev, Sivantos

Mary Gomez Camba
Visual Storyteller & Founder

Think Visual Project

The Next Step Forward 2017

What are the challenges faced by Women in Asia, and how these experiences or challenges compare to those in the Western world. Do we face issues like traditional societal hierarchy, cultural differences and gender-role struggles despite living in the most developed cities? What does it mean to be a women leader in arts, banking, education, consulting and fashion worlds?

Rachel Lim, Co-founder

Love, Bonito


Suchita Prasad Walla, COO

Leadership & Development, McKinsey & company

Wee Mei Yi, Deputy Director

Asian Civilizations Museum


Manu Bansal, Global Finance Head

TB Cash and FI SCB


Dr. Kristen Sadler, Research Director

President's Office, NTU

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